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November 29, 2008
San Francisco, California

Specialty Toy Retailer Talks About Hot Toys This Holiday Season.

Robin Ellerman is a proud member of ASTRA. She and her husband own a small toy and gift shop in North Canton, OH. She picked up FunFlyStick via the ASTRA ListServ. In no time the toy grabbed interest of her buyers resulting in buzz and newspaper coverage.
Read more about   Hot Toys This Holiday Season   and watch Robin Ellerman demonstrating the Fun-Fly-Stick.

November 19, 2008
San Francisco, California

FunFlyStick is a #1 Toy in Top 25 Gift Ideas on Steve Spangler Science!

Steve Spangler knows all about fun science toys. He is the guy best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of soda into an erupting geyser of fun. His passion about science and never-ending energy brought to him national recognition.
Steve Spangler Science website became a science class and a science toy store all at the same time. You can see what to do and how to play with the most amazing toys on the market: videos and articles, fun tricks and tips you will not find anywhere else. Coolest toys are a sure bet for birthdays and Holiday gifts and the place to find them is at   www.stevespanglerscience.com.
Thank you, Steve, for choosing Fun-Fly-Stick as a number one on your list!

Visit   Top 25 Gift Ideas at Steve Spangler Science

October 10, 2008
San Francisco, California

BREAKING NEWS: FunFlyStick wins Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award!

After only a few months on the market, FunFlyStick, scoops up the most prominent awards in the industry. If a toy made the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum list you know the following to be true: the expert and kid testers thought the toy was outstanding.

September 15, 2008
San Francisco, California

SteveSpangler demonstrates FunFlyStick on 9NEWS.

"This is the coolest thing you have ever seen", claims Mark Koebrich, the anchor for 4 o'clock @ 9NEWS. "This is the neatest thing I've ever seen...", he repeats later.

Treasure diggers at Steve Spangler Science have spotted a new toy at Toy Fair 2008. They describe Fun-Fly-Stick as an ingenious, battery-operated static electricity generator that allows you to float tinsel shapes on a cloud of electrons.

The learning curve is about two minutes and you're ready to amaze everyone with the Fun Fly Stick.

Please watch Steve on TV here...

September 15, 2008
San Francisco, California

FunFlyStick (Fun-Fly-Stick) at Grand Illusions!

“This is by far the best toy I've seen in 2008!”, says Tim Rowett, the world famous toy collector. He’s in a pretty good position to judge: he’s spent the best part of forty years travelling the globe digging out the world’s best toys. Along with Hendrik Ball, an equally enthusiastic former BBC TV science producer, he’s the reason Grand Illusions has become one of the world’s very best online toy shops.
To have your toy spotted, appreciated, and selected by Grand Illusions is the dream of every science toy inventor. FunFlyStick made it beyond our dreams - in the UK it became a Grand Illusions exclusive item for Christmas 2008. “The FunFlyStick (Fun-Fly-Stick) is the ultimate children’s toy that adults will want to play with,” says Hendrik Ball, who set up Grand Illusions a decade ago with Tim Rowett. Like many of their toys FunFlyStick is brilliantly simple. Hendrik explains, “You remember the Van de Graaff generator at school, hair standing on end, mad scientists and all that wonderful stuff. It’s based on that ...” Essentially a small Van de Graaff generator in the handle powered by the smallest of batteries creates an electrostatic charge that allows its user to seemingly levitate and control the movement of wafer-thin metallic three dimensional shapes.
The ”magic” of the FunFlyStick (Fun-Fly-Stick) is holding in your hand a wand that can levitate and then control the movement of a metallic shape in mid-air. Harry Potter really couldn’t ask for more from his wand! “It’s fantastic,” repeats Tim. ”By far the best toy I’ve seen all year.” The FunFlyStick sums up so many of their toys: an almost addictive way of capturing the fascination, the wonder, but most of all the fun of what essentially is some really quite serious science.

Visit FunFlyStick page (Fun-Fly-Stick) at Grand Illusions and watch incredible demonstration by Tim Rowett.


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