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September 1, 2008
San Francisco, California

FunFlyStick wins Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2008 and
Dr. Toy's 10 Best Active Products for 2008!

The annual selection of best toys for 2008 is completed at Dr.Toy. Excited award winners receive their certificates and prepare Press Releases.Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, has been for many years one of the nation's and world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children's products. With 30 years of direct experience, Dr. Auerbach includes educationally oriented, developmental and skill building products from the best large and small companies in her annual award programs. This year, new to the market FunFlyStick has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Children's Products and one of the 10 Best Active Products.

Here is what Dr. Toy has to say about FunFlyStick: "Incredible combination of magic and science feature this unusual, totally innovative toy. Never before it was possible to create instant effect of magic and levitation similar to the one possible with FunFlyStick. FunFlyStick is a portable levitation wand that emits static charge just by pressing a button. It works with special precut shapes (flying toys or flyers) that are able to receive the static charge off the wand on a contact. Receiving the charge makes the flyers expand and repel from the wand. Beautifully expanded metallic-looking flying toys will “magically” float above the FunFlyStick and can be controlled by it. Touching the floating flyer with a hand causes instant static discharge and the flyer collapses into a pile of tinsel. Touching it again with the wand will bring the flyer “into life”. FunFlyStick set includes 5 flying toys of different shapes: three spheres, one butterfly, and one hourglass shape. The wand demonstrates repulsion of alike charges, instant discharge, slow dissipation of static charge, and interaction between charged and neutral objects. Included in the set is a detailed brochure with instructions, tips and tricks, and more. Teachers and parents can download lesson plans and suggestions for the subject of static electricity. This is a fun toy for the whole family to enjoy."

August 15, 2008
San Francisco, California

A big celebration at Unitech Toys has begun with an official announcement of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio about the new winners. The product has won Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and is running for a Platinum Award. The most innovative toy of the year, FunFlyStick, obtained the highest ratings from both child and expert testers for quality and play value. The independent consumer organization Oppenheim Toy Portfolio announces its annual Platinum Awards at the Today Show. The list of the winners is a summary of annual work and the segment is usually aired on NBC around the holiday time. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio is one of the most trusted sources in the toy industry. A recognition from this organization is a dream of any toy manufacturing company.unFlyStick has already won a Gold Seal and is running for a Platinum Award.
We are anxiously awaiting further results and keeping our fingers crossed!

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