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July, 2012
San Francisco, California

Unitech exclusively represents Office Ninja Blowgun, by Quazi Geeks

We are happy to announce that Unitech LLC has received the exclusive representation rights for Quazi Geeks LLC products.
Quazi Geeks LLC is a developer of the special ammo which is very accurate yet safe to use indoors. The ammo is suitable to create for a wide variety of blasters that are quick, powerful, and provide maximum accuracy shooting at targets. The projectiles are best when used with Styrofoam targets. They strike the target and stay there allowing to see and count the score.
The ammo is safe for people, pets, and furniture.
The first item created by Quazi Geeks LLC that uses the projectiles is the Office Ninja™ Blowgun. There also is an additional pack of 96 projectiles called the Office Ninja™ Ammo.
Please send inquiries to sales@unitechtoys.com


March, 2012
San Francisco, California

In March of 2012 Unitech Toys Inc has reincorporated as Unitech LLC.

Unitech Toys Inc has been originally incorporated in February of 2006. In 2007 it launched its first product, Wobble Bubble, which was sold mainly through infomercials by Cricket Productions. In 2008 the company introduced the Wobble Bubble to the specialty market in the USA. In August of 2008 Unitech Toys Inc, has launched the famous Fun-Fly-Stick, the first ever battery operated electrostatic toy.
Unitech LLC is a successor of Unitech Toys Inc.


February, 2011
San Francisco, California

Science Kit Hits the Stores

Matt Hannifin, the owner of Science Toy Magic in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the guy scouting the isles on the International Toy Fair in New York every year, looking for new and exciting scientific items for his ever expanding collection of the best tech toys on the market. Matt Hannifin was the first retailer to carry Zero Blaster, Mini Zero Blaster, Mighty Blaster, and Wizard Stick by Zero Toys. Rumors are that he was the first one to order and receive Levitron by Fascinations.
Today he is the first retailer to grab the long awaited static electricity Science Kit by Unitech Toys Inc.
Matt Hannifin sold the first Science Kit within 8 minutes after the box was opened.

Flying “Saucers”, levitating shapes, magical glow of corona discharge, electrostatic drummer – those are just a few things that you can demo with this amazing kit. Targeting kids ages 14 and up the Science Kit is equipped with an Experiment Guide explaining in depth sacred secrets of static electricity.

The Science Kits are available for purchase from our designated retailers in Germany, Australia, and USA.


July, 2010
San Francisco, California

Unitech Toys Inc Celebrates Fun-Fly-Stick Patent!

After 2 years of waiting for the Fun-Fly-Stick application to ripen into a patent, after battling numerous knock offs by all means possible, Unitech Toys Inc can finally rely on legal system to help in protecting our product from infringing competitors.

We celebrate the patent and acknowledge the contribution of all the team members into the patent.

The patent protects an electrostatic toy that has a levitating object; and an electrostatic wand which causes levitation of the object and is provided with an electrostatic generator that charges the wand and is operatable by one hand of a user.

The patent will allow to not only protect Unitech Toys Inc from infringing products, but also to protect the uninformed consumers from potentially unsafe electrostatic wands. Our product designers worked on the product for several years perfecting it for the market. Smallest changes to inner-workings of the toy or poor quality implementations may turn the otherwise safe toy into a hazard.

The patent and subsequent removal of infringing products will not raise the pricing to the consumers. Unitech Toys Inc has been constantly working on optimization of manufacturing process in order to make a safe quality product while reducing the cost to the consumer.

The patent allows Unitech Toys Inc to focus on development and launch of new products based on electrostatics.


March, 2010
San Francisco, California

Fun-Fly-Stick Popularity Brings it to Instructables.com.

We were very surprised to find instructions on how to build your own Fun-Fly-Stick.

Normally, people would talk only about building a Van de Graaff generator without referring to any particular modification. Van de Graaff generator is a famous device first built and patented in about 1929. Average person remembers the device from the course of physics as a metal dome making sparks or making you hair stand on end.

However, this year, some people began referring to mini Van de Graaff generator by our brand name – Fun-Fly-Stick. As Fun-Fly-Stick becoming more popular more and more people use it as a key word in their searches.

Making your own Van de Graaff wand is a fantastic idea. However, you should know that even if you succeed in putting it together and making it produce static – which is not as easy as it seems! - it will not work as well as the Fun-Fly-Stick. “Obviously!”, you exclaim, “They want us to buy the Fun-Fly-Stick instead of making it!”

Think about it. What comprises the heart of Van de Graaff generator? Those are the rollers and the belt. The material that each one of these components is made of has to complement the remaining two. It is a challenge to make at home decent quality rollers and to match the material of the belt to the material of the rollers that will allow you to efficiently run the heart of the device and maximize produced static charge.


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