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FunFlyers Refill
150-Class Pack Contains:

150 Fun Flyers :
  "Medium Sphere" x 150



Refill 150 Medium Spheres
Class Pack

Item No 60215

By far the best value of all!  150 medium spheres in one pack

The "secret" of electrostatic levitation is in lightweight Mylar shapes. The spheres from the Class Pack, 150 medium spheres, can be levitated by any statically charged object - a latex balloon, a PVC pipe, friction rods, or Van de Graaff generator of any size - big or small. An alternative way to detect static charge is to drop a sphere on top of supposedly charged object. The more charge it has, the fuller the sphere expands and the higher it floats. The spheres can be used instead of electroscope to show the static charge. Perfect for classes, workshops, science or magic shows, great as construction set to create large, sophisticated flying objects.
Great for smaller kids to begin levitating lessons the single medium spheres.
The spheres work well with any statically charged objects including regular latex balloons, charged PVC pipe, large Van de Graaff generators.
Use medium spheres as building blocks to create advanced shapes!


1. Class Pack provides 150 building blocks to create your own shapes. Use only a tiny piece of Scotch tape, as tiny as a grain of rice, to join two building blocks together.
Explore your creativity and understanding of physics by making your own increadible floating structures!

Stay tuned for an instructional video on how to create your own shapes using the Class Pack spheres, Scotch tape, and scissors. COMING SOON!

2. Take 6 medium spheres, make sure not to tangle them, drop them on top of a large working Van de Graaff generator. Enjoy the effect!

Additional FunFlyStick demonstration can be found here.

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