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Established in 2006, Unitech Toys, is the creator of Fun-Fly-Stick.

Fun-Fly-Stick is a part of the entire class of battery operated electrostatic toys utilizing levitation. We have not only developed the product, but also implemented important safety features for this class of toys. Unitech Toys protects its intellectual property via patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Presently, Unitech Toys has a US patent and a patent pending application in Europe for the class of electrostatic levitation wands. Just recently the patent application in China has ripened into a patent. We have several more recent US patent pending applications related to electrostatic toys.

Unitech Toys is offering licensing opportunities to toy manufacturing companies. We can private label the product for you, manufacture it in part or in entirety, offer foreign language support, and even propose a new look for levitation wand of your choice. Our team of engineers in San Francisco, California, has sufficient knowledge and experience to alter the product design, or create an all-plastic wand that looks like a real magic wand. The following designs are available: Fairy Wand, Harry Potter Wand, Lightsaber, and Magic Wand (black and white).

Please contact us for more information sales@unitechtoys.com

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